Trivia quiz

Invite your audience to play. Challenge their knowledge with fun trivia questions. Thousands of players will be able to respond simultaneously and win.



Digital media


Live sports

Big joy to sports lovers. Delight them with polls, predictions, statistics and live games during matches.





Kid’s live shows

Children can learn and entertain themselves with educational questions games and train their skills and knowledge.



Friendly and innovative second screen platform. Allows you to add interactivity to your broadcasts and events.

Instant sending of questions, surveys, votes, data, curiosities, videos and images.

Welcomes hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously.

Be social, be open, be diverse.

HD video calls in real time open to big audiences from all the world. 
Thousands live callers has the opportunity to have a chat with presenters, artists, influencers, stars, experts, youtubers, tipsters.

Producers manage and moderate wide public's participation.
Editorial control and the high quality that media and companies expect.



Multicultural team specialized in the creation, production and distribution of multimedia content.

Curious team with open eyes that adapts the new technological trends to the needs of the media in an easy way.

Experts in communications, technological innovation and media creativity, with experience in project and product management, execution, development and design of media software applications.

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